Why SmartIT ERP Systems?

By streamlining multiple disparate systems into one easy-to-use platform, Our platform connect business processes so data and information can be quickly and easily shared and analyzed to help your organizations make better business decisions.

Our system can reduce overall operational costs by 23% and administrative costs by 22%. That’s a significant saving over time.

Easy to implement and use

Better user experience leads to productivity improvements

Better Analytics

Executives can see all the reports just by logging into the system

Access data anywhere anytime

As a cloud-based ERP, you will have access to software from anywhere at any time

A cost-effective solution

All your functions will be in one place, eliminating the need for integration with costly third party applications

App fledged with features

Today mobile ERP Solutions have enabled the employees to automate their regular processes and focus on more important tasks at hand.

  • Reminder
  • Notifications
  • Quick Approval
  • Messenger
  • Analytics Report
  • Automatic Synchronization
  • QR/Barcode Scanner
  • Time Tracking

Benefits of SmartIT ERP Software

ERP systems are used to provide transparency into the entire business process by tracking all aspects of production, financials, and materials.

Real-time Information

Being provided this real-time information allows you to make better business decisions and ensures you that all the information and data is completely up to date and precise.

Improved Collaboration

By giving them access to data from other departments, ERP software increases collaboration, as the employees are given the ability to see the company’s “big picture.”

Improved Customer Service

The CRM function of an ERP is extremely important, since the main way a business stays competitive and “in the game” is obtaining returning customers – which results in profitability.


Helping eliminate repetition in business processes and tedious manual tasks, as well as improving efforts following the implementation of an ERP software – which saves employees valuable time.


Our software can adapt to the ever-changing needs of a growing business, ensuring you won’t have to buy a new solution once your needs change or your business grows.

Accurate Forecasting

This helps software users, and businesses as a whole, think ahead and properly plan what they need from inventory and sales down to financials and customer service, etc.

SmartIT Provides Premium Modules

Modular systems allowed you to get only what you needed and not have to pay for unneeded extras.







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